We are proud to partner with 300 Blankets

Author: Pearly   Date Posted:30 June 2016 

It's winter and it's freezing cold inside the house, just turn the heater on. Unfortunately, this winter there are over 105,000* people do not have that luxury and face homelessness in Australia, with almost 23,000 people in Victoria alone.

Our simple luxury of heating and safe haven of our home, is not one that many can afford. 

This winter 300 Blankets are bringing warm, hope and friendship to our freezing Melbourne streets. 


Who is 300 Blankets?

300 Blankets is a not for profit charity providing the caring warmth of friendship and protective warmth of blankets to people experiencing homelessness in Victoria. The 300 Blankets blanket are brand new, super warm queen sized polar fleeced blanket and are distributed individually wrapped in a resealable waterproof bag. Heartwarming handwritten message in a bag... <read more>.


What do they do?

They distribute blankets to those experiencing homelessness. 300 Blanket's mission to keep our community warm with extends through warmth of friendship. Quite often when people are experiencing homelessness, they also lose a connection with the wider community. 300 Blanket's volunteering program educates the community  and the younger generation in schools about the realities of homelessness whilst contributing to making a positive difference. It is also through volunteering that gives them the opportunity to hand deliver blankets to people in need. <read more>


We are proud to be partnering with 300 Blankets this winter, by donating $1000 towards this charity organisation to help keep our fellow mates not only stay physically warm, but also to offer them friendships that warms the heart. We as a company, believe it is a blessing to receive, but a greater blessing to be able to give. If you too would like to contribute with donation or volunteering, visit their website to find out more.


*Data and images are taken from http://www.300blankets.org.au #300blankets #keepingvictorianswarm #winter #donation #warmblanket #frienships #volunteer 

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