Ways to wear a Scarf - Video

Date Posted:6 June 2016 

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25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes! 

Get inspired, there is surely more than one way to wear scarves, try and let us know your favourites.

Credit mention: wendyslookbook

10 Essential Closet Must Have Items! 

What are the essential must have? Watch the video

Credit mention:wendyslookbook


10 different ways to wear a head scarf

Who says scarves are just for your neck? Watch the video to find out how to stylishly wear it on your head too.

Credit mention: Lilith Moon

More Ways to Wear Your Scarf! 

Scarves a must have, bring them along in your trip. Handy tips to have to increase your wardrobe and reduce your extra baggage weight. You can use any of our large scarves.


Credit mention: MichellePhan

One Scarf Ten ways to wear it

Travel light, get 10 looks with one scarf. Check this out

Credit mention: Allison McNamara

Ways men can wear scarves

As many men are starting to wear scarves, not just for practical reason for keeping wear, but also doubling up as a fashion piece. Here are some ways men can wear their scarves.

Credit mention: Purple Eagle

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