Spice Up Your Outfit with Scarves

Date Posted:22 June 2016 

For fashionista like me, it becomes a daily challenge to think of ways on how to spice up my outfit. I love taking OOTD pictures and receiving inquiries regarding the clothes that I wear. Thus, I thought

a compiled set of tips on how to use your scarves properly so you can switch up your style from ordinary to extraordinary.  


Neutral Top and Bright Scarf 

This is a very important rule. You don’t need to wear colorful and bright scarves if your top is of of publishing a already bright. It’s going to make your upper torso look “too busy”. You can only use bright colored scarves if your top is neutral or earth toned in color – grey, white, cream, brown, black and the like. Your scarf would act as your statement necklace for the day. Try our Orange linen scarf below.


Plain Top and Patterned Scarf 

Patterned scarves are so in. They are super popular these days and you should definitely have one in your closet! The general rule for a patterned scarf is to wear them with a plain top. The rationale for this rule is similar to the first one – you don’t want your upper torso to look too busy. It’s best to wear a patterned scarf with a similar hue to your top.

Pom Pom Knit Scarf + Light Top

Knitted Pom Pom scarves already have that bulky factor because of its pom pom design. Some scarves have it only at the bottom while some have it all over. Some scarves feature small pom poms while some have really big ones. If you opt to choose to wear one, be sure to wear a light top so that you don’t look so bulky.

Light Material Scarf + A Belt 

Don’t we just love versatile pieces? Scarves made with light materials are perfect for any outfit. Take a look at the image on the left, she simply placed it on her neck and added a belt. You can wear light scarves with almost anything as long as it is color coordinated. You can wear it with your office attire, Sunday attire or even for a Sunny day! 

Patterned Scarf

Need to jazz up for a party after work, neatly fold a scarf and tie it around your waist. The pattern adds colour and design to a seamingly boring work dress. This is a great trick to expand your wardrobe when traveling. 

Stay tuned for more fashion tips! 


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