Scarf Storage Tips

Date Posted:20 July 2016 

I don’t know about you guys, but I find it so satisfying to arrange all my scarves in my closet, because I want to take good care of my favorite accessories. You should, too! Here are some great scarf storage tips that you could apply at home.


Tip # 1: Hanger + Shower Curtain Rings

Don’t throw away your shower curtain rings. You can take the shower rings and use them as a scarf organizer. Take an old hanger, the shower curtain rings, some arts and craft sticky tapes to tape them all together like the image we have here. You can decorate the hanger and shower curtain rings with art tape to make it even more appealing. The photo here has 30 shower rings so it can hold up to 30 scarves!

Tip # 2: Put a Ring on It!

Here’s a really nifty tip if you have a lot of accessories that you need to organize. Empty one of your closet drawers and dedicate that space for your scarves. Roll each scarf and lock the roll by using a ring, bracelet or a hair scrunchie. You can even do what I do by matching the scarf with the accessory. For example, I really like wearing my navy blue scarf with my turquoise statement ring, so I always put those 2 in the drawer together.

Tip # 3: Scarf Shelves

This one is really original and it’s perfect for you if you want to spice up bare walls at home. You will need the assistance of a handy man on this one if you don’t know how to use carpentry tools. You need to purchase a ready-made shelf from a hardware store. The small ones would do. Ask someone to drill small holes through it just like the one in the image and then secure the shelf on the wall. It’s going to be super easy arranging your scarves this way. It’s going to be lots of fun color coordinating the scarves. These would serve as awesome wall decorations. Just a quick note, remember to give it a light sanding to avoid splinters catching onto your precious scarf.

Tip # 4: Hanging Cans

The 4th scarf storage tip is a great DIY project that even your kids could help you out with! If you don’t have old cans at home, then you can buy some from your local arts and crafts shop. Use a glue gun to glue the cans together like the one in the photo. Take an old piece of cloth and tie it around the cans. Use the glue gun again to secure the cloth and then go ahead and hang it on your closet or anywhere in your room. You can even get a handy man to drill and screw those cans onto wall and make them as wall art.

Tip # 5: Condiment Basket

I personally love this one, because I’m a frustrated chef. I have a lot of kitchen and cooking stuff, which I no longer have any use for them. This scarf storage idea is really easy. Just take a stainless steel condiment basket or one that is literally a basket (so you won’t need to worry about rust stains). Fold and roll your scarves like so and store them easily. You can place them on top of your dresser, inside your closet or anywhere you please. Or secure it on the wall vertically or horizontally and you can even use the handle to hang a few more loose scarves.

If you are not the DIY/ crafty kind of person, then you can just go with the conventional storage tips – hangers, drawers, boxes. The most important thing to have in mind, when you store your beloved scarves is to ensure that they don’t get damaged or dirty. Go on, get creative with your storage ideas.


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