Good Merchandise Sells Out

Date Posted:16 June 2020 

A wise person once said "Good Merchandising Sells Out"

As small businesses, no one has hundreds of thousands to throw into renovations, but clever displays can still make an impact. Looking to learn how to merchandise your store displays to draw your shopper's interest and sell more merchandise? 

Simple things to do

1. Change display frequently 

Keep it fresh by changing the display at least once a month, by doing so, customers will be interested to keep coming back to explore new things. Also by moving the items around and grouping them with the new arrivals, it gives the old items a chance to sell. 

2. Choose a theme

For example, if you are targeting Valentine's day, buy items that will sell for Valentine's day and group them in the displays. If you have items coming from different suppliers, wait till they all arrive to put the display together to create a maximum impact.  

3. Display by price

Grouping items of similar prices help during Christmas time when most people are on a budget. People feel less embarrassed to ask and can easily make their own choices. 

4. Display by color

Color coordination is also another good way to display, it makes it fun to explore different sections of colors and help when people are picking a gift idea for someone else.


You can also maximize space 

1. Use the wall or hang things from the ceiling

2. If horizontal space is a change go upwards

3. Use small display racks

4. Utilize things that you are selling. 

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