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Author: Pearly   Date Posted:6 July 2016 

Hello and I hope you are keeping well. Firstly, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all my loyal customers who have been supporting the company and me for the past 6 years. We have grown and supported each

other through all these years and created beautiful memories. Without you, the company will not be here.

I am writing to share with you what the company stands for, who we are and by that I don't mean what we do (yes, we wholesale beautiful fashion accessories :-) ) I mean why we are here, let me start off by saying our P&L stands for People and LOVE,  we love what we do and serve our customers with 110%, because you are important to us. Secondly, we as a company = people recognizes that we all live in one big world, where 9 degree of separation is now only 2 degree of separation. The world is getting more connected, but we are getting more disconnected, from the world's needs. The world is getting richer, yet it is getting poorer in so many areas of our lives. We as a company, do not forget we are citizen of this world and want to do our part, however little in making this world a slightly better place, by loving people one at a time and changing one life at a time. Through your continuous support, we have been able to support a beautiful girl from Uganda through Compassion Australia for the past couple of years, her dream is to one day be a doctor and save lives. Her name is Nagawa. We have also been able to organize a project that we ran a couple of years ago working along side St Vinnies to hand out over 90 winter warmer packs (essentials toileteries, socks, face wash, beanies, gloves and scarf) to those who was doing it rough in the winter months. We have been able to work with varies partners through our donations to bore wells in many remote villages in India. Our latest partnership is with 300 Blankets (read more) to reach out to the homeless in Melbourne, providing them not only warm, but also friendships. We have also partnered with Light FM (Melbourne‚Äôs positive alternative) in their Your Voice Your Story appeal. We decided to partner with them with a donation, because what they do differently, by providing Melbournians a clean radio listening for the whole family and spreading messages of hope and encouragement (find out more about the station).

As a company it is our heart to be able to contribute back to society with our Profit & Loss. The company has a voice and we will use it to stand for those who are in need and we will use our voice to help them. We look forward to your continuous support for many more years to come, together we can make a difference. 

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