New Loyalty Programme

Date Posted:10 August 2020 

Everyone should be rewarded, even you retailers. New Loyalty Programme - Find out more

New Loyalty Reward Programme - Spending Credits

How are the Spending Credits calculated?
For every $100 spent, you get $1 towards your next purchase. Spending Credits are calculated at check out based on product subtotal.

How can I use my Spending Credits?
You can use your credit when you place your next order. A minimum of $10 of spending credit is required for each transaction. A max of $30 spending credit per any one transaction. 

For example: If you have $8.95 spending credit, you will not be able to use it till you have $10 or if you have $30.89 spending credit you can only use a max of $30 and the balance off $0.89 will be used towards the next transaction. 

Validity of Spending Credit
Credits are valid for six months.


Where can I check my Spending Credits?
After log in you should see your 'Voucher/ Reward' below on your Dash Board.  Example below. 

*Available credit could also include any credit you may have previously. 


Where and How do I apply Spending Credit to my order?
At Check Out


I cannot see my credits?
Don't worry, contact us and we will help you.

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